From our beginnings in the home improvement industry 40 years ago, Quantum Showrooms has been a consistent leader when it comes to innovation, installation, and service for the homeowners of the Mid-South.
Though we have evolved with the changing times, our business model has remained constant: Quantum Showrooms is a collection of “the best of the best” in home construction, design, and improvement…all under one roof.

Quantum Showrooms has proven our expertise in home design with the completion of 3 Quantum Homes…in 1990, 1993, and 2000. Each house represented cutting edge design, technology, and craftsmanship and the Quantum Home tours raised over $200,000 for LeBonheur Childrens Hospital and the Ronald McDonald House charities.
A lesser-known fact about Quantum Showrooms is that in 1985, we were hired as the contractors to light the Arkansas Bridge. To this day, this iconic structure (the gateway to the west across the Mississippi River) bares the lights we designed and installed.

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Quality Professional Services

​If you're planning to upgrade, remodel or renovate your home - or even build a new home - Quantum Home Showrooms is where to start that journey.

Quantum Home Showrooms is a consortium of independently owned businesses, all high-level residential industry professionals brought together with a shared mission: To provide superior products, quality workmanship and unquestioned integrity.